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We are currently conducting consultation on three proposed draft additional Physiotherapy Standards

The Physiotherapy Board is proposing to add three new Standards to their Physiotherapy Standards Framework and is seeking input from all New Zealand physiotherapists and other stakeholders for the proposed additional Standards.

  1. Physiotherapists practising in a defined field standard*
  2. Physiotherapists giving advice about medication standard*
  3. Adverse event reporting standard

*The first two are proposed replacements, with an update, of current ‘Position statements’.
The third one is new. Its purpose is to give information about what constitutes an adverse event, and what to do if one occurs.
Please take a few minutes to read the proposed standards and then give us your feedback via the survey.


It is proposed that these additional Standards will be added to the current Physiotherapy Standards Framework.

If you have any questions or prefer to respond by email, please contact Jon Warren j.warren@physioboard.org.nz the Board’s Professional Advisor.
The consultation will remain open until 27 September 2019.