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Return To Practice

Make an application to Return to Practice

Step 1:

The first stage in the Return to Practice Programme is for you to make an application for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC).
If you wish to make an application, please click here

Step 2:

As part of your Application for an APC, you will also need to provide futher documentation and information.
The additional documentation and information is:

Step 3:

Once received by the Board, your application will be assessed. Possible outcomes of this assessment might include one or more of:

  1. You are issued an APC, without conditions
  2. You practise under supervision or oversight for a period, usually 3 or 6 months (though the Board reserves the right to alter the period of supervision)
  3. You complete competence examinations at one of the Schools of Physiotherapy in New Zealand, and after successful completion of these exams, you would be issued an APC, with the condition that you practise under supervision for a specified period
  4. You return to education
  5. Your application is declined.


Differences between Supervision and Oversight

The Definition of Supervision under HPCA Act:The Definition of Oversight under HPCA Act:
“means the monitoring of, and reporting on, the performance of a health practitioner by a professional peer.”“means professional support and assistance provided to a health practitioner by a professional peer for the purposes of professional development.”
Supervisor/Alternate Supervisor requiredOverseer/Alternate Overseer required
The supervisor is required to be available and on-site at all times the physiotherapist is practising (with Registrar approval, they may be able to be contactable by phone)The overseer must practise as the same location; however they are not required to be on site at all times the physiotherapist is practising.
Required documents (at regular intervals throughout supervision period):Required documents (at regular intervals throughout oversight period):
-          Peer review submitted-          Peer Review submitted
-          Evidence of clinical reasoning/case study discussions-          Confirmation that clinical reasoning/case study discussions have occurred
-          Confirmation of attendance at staff professional development/in-service training-          Confirmation of attendance at staff professional development/in-service training
-          Continuing Professional Development (CPD)-          Professional Development Plan
-          Professional Development Plan-          Statement from Overseer
-          Statement from Supervisor
-          Reflective Statement at the end of the supervision period
-          Competency Templates at the end of the supervision period