The Board is currently experiencing significant IT issues and our dashboard is offline. Please be aware we may not be able to complete some requests until this issue is resolved.

Our thoughts are with our northern colleagues, their whānau, friends and communities as the weather has beaten down. We hope you are all safe and OK.

News - Pitopito kōrero

December newsletter

Our October/November newsletter has been emailed to all registered physiotherapists.
You can access it online by clicking here.


The Board is still unable to access much of its original IT. However, we have not yet had any indication that there has been a theft of the Board’s data or a breach of practitioners’ privacy. We have notified the Privacy Commissioner, lodged a police complaint, and are working with our insurers. (more…)


On Wednesday of this week the Board’s Information Technology Infrastructure stopped working. We have subsequently been briefed that this is the result of a largescale ransomware attack on our key IT provider. (more…)