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Board Ordered Supervision

Board Ordered Supervision


This page is intended to guide supervisors and supervisees who are taking part in Board Ordered Supervision. It is NOT for Professional or Clinical Supervision


The Board orders supervision of a physiotherapist under the Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA), in a number of circumstances.

The HPCAA defines supervision as the monitoring of, and reporting on, the performance of a health practitioner by a professional peer.

The circumstances for Board ordered supervision in this context may include:

  • competence matters (such as competence programmes)
  • Return to Practice programme.
  • monitoring compliance with interim orders (generally arising from conduct concerns)



Ngā kiritaki hauora-health consumers have the right to expect delivery of safe, competent and contemporary services at all times, including when care is being provided under supervisory arrangements.

By incorporating whanonga mātāpono a te Māori: Māori principles, values and concepts into the delivery of Board-ordered supervision the aim is to enhance the outcomes of supervision for physiotherapists (whether Māori or otherwise). It equally applies to all physiotherapists subject to a Board order of supervision.



Board-ordered supervision means supervision ordered by the Board (or the Registrar as the Board’s delegate) or the Tribunal which has an educative/practice improvement element such as a competence programme or return to practice programme.


Board Ordered Supervision Standard

The standard for Board-ordered supervision is effective as of 1 April, 2024 and can be read here.



Supervisor modules and Resources

The following three modules provide advice and information for practitioners who are supervising a Board-ordered supervision. These clips should be watched alongside the supporting documents before beginning Board Ordered Supervision. If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Advisors.



Board Ordered Supervision Guidelines


Module 1 – Overview for supervisors



Module 2 – Planning and reporting



Module 3 – Supervision in practice