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Board and Committees

The Board & Committees

Each member of the Board is appointed by the Minister of Health by notice published in the Gazette.

Each member is appointed for a term of 3 years or such shorter term as is specified in the notice of appointment, and may be reappointed from time to time.  Under Section 120 of the HPCA Act 2003, the Board currently consists of seven members including two lay members.

The role of the Board is to set the strategic direction of the organisation, monitor management performance and ensure the Board meets the requirements of the HPCA Act 2003.

The Board has two Standing Committees:  Health Committee; and Risk and Audit Committee.

The Board Comprises:

Janice Mueller, (Chairperson), registered physiotherapist, from Coromandel.
David Baxter, (Deputy Chairperson), registered physiotherapist, from Dunedin.
Sandra Ferdinand, registered physiotherapist, from Christchurch.
Scott Thomson, registered physiotherapist, from Christchurch.
Sean McKinley, lay member, from Kapiti.
Maria Larcombe, registered physiotherapist, from Dunedin.
Kelly Brodie, registered physiotherapist, from Christchurch
Rosemary Wilson, lay member, from Invercargill.

Health Committee

The Health Committee is a delegation of the Board, and is in place to support, advise and, when sought, make decisions on fitness to practise under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

It advises the Registrar regarding the management of physiotherapists’ Fitness to Practise matters (mental or physical condition), and meets a minimum of three times a year.

Committee Members

Sandra Ferdinand (Chairperson)
Janice Mueller (Chairperson of the Board)
Sean McKinley (Lay Board Member)
Jodie Black (Consulting Psychologist- Lay person)
Alice Barach (Consulting Physiotherapist)

In Attendance

Jeanette Woltman-Black (CE)
Ross Johnston (Registrar)

Note taker

Risk and Audit Committee

The Risk and Audit Committee is a delegation of the Board charged with governance oversight of the Board’s financial controls, risk management, and legislative compliance.

Committee Members

Scott Thomson (Chairperson)
Janice Mueller (Chairperson of The Board)
David Baxter (Deputy Chairperson of The Board)

In Attendance

Jeanette Woltman-Black (Chief Executive)
Manjinder Cheema (Accountant)

Note taker