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Recertification Audit

Competence and Recertification Audit

Audit selection takes place on 1st June each year

The current recertification audit programme requirements are:

  • Minimum 100 formally recorded CPD hours per three year cycle
    • Minimum of 20 formally recorded CPD hours in any one year
    • At least one CPD activity in each learning category over the three year cycle
    • Anyone who gets an APC partway though the audit cycle will have proportionally less hours of CPD to show if they are selected for audit
    • Use the Board’s log book for documenting your CPD
  • Reflective practice demonstrated by reflective statements
  • Retain supporting personalised evidence – 5 pieces from a cross-section of the professional development logged in the four learning categories
  • One Professional Peer Review per three year cycle

The Board’s Recertification Programme is a means of ensuring practitioner competence through life long professional development. Practitioners maintain their competence by regularly undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is relevant to their area of practice. Participation in the Recertification Programme is mandatory for physiotherapists registered with the Board and holding a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC).  This requirement is irrespective of whether you are working full or part time hours, if you are not practising, or if you are overseas.

Selected for Audit — What Next?

The purpose of an audit of Professional Development is to assess your compliance with the Board’s Recertification Programme. Your Professional Development Report is evidence you are engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities relevant to your area of practice and that you are meeting the Board’s recertification requirements.

What must be included in a Professional Development Report submitted for an audit?

  • Employment and future plans/goals
  • Logbook of CPD activities
  • Five pieces of evidence
  • Three reflective statements
  • Peer review

All participants in an audit will be expected to complete the Board’s PDR template (a PDR Guide is available). Use the Board’s PDR template – your PDR should reflect the CPD activities recorded in your log book. The Board’s ‘Recertification Guidelines‘ (4th ed.) will also be of interest.

What timeframe does an audit cover?

The Audit is based on a three-year cycle. When audit selection takes place the previous three practising years become the audit period.

Click here to get to the Audit Resource Centre. If you have any questions feel free to contact audit@physioboard.org.nz.