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Recertification Audit

Competence and Recertification Audit

Due to the current COVID-19 environment the Board has decided not to conduct 2020 recertification audits. We have updated the recertification programme for 2021. These changes are detailed in the table below. For the full programme from 2021 please click here.
ITEM Previous Recertification Audit Current (from 2021 Recertification Audit)
Work History Required Required
Logbook of 100 hours of CPD over a three year period, categorised by Work Based, Formal, Self-Directed and Professional learning. Required You are still required to complete and record 100 hours of CPD over a three year period (some activities are still capped at 20 hours).
It is not a mandatory requirement to provide a copy of your logbook, however you need to retain this as it may be requested.
Your CPD can now be specific to your identified learning goals, rather than categorised across the four areas.
Five pieces of evidence across the four learning categories Required This is not a mandatory requirement, however you need to keep your evidence for a minimum of three years as it may be requested as part of the audit.
Three Reflective Statements Required:

  • Ethical
  • Cultural
  • Area of practice

  • One specific to Māori Culture
  • A further two from:
    • Cultural
    • Ethical
    • Professional (relevant to your area of practice).
Peer review Required Required annually – the Reviewer in a clinical context must be a registered physiotherapist with a current APC, in a non-clinical context the Reviewer should be a professional peer.
Annual Professional Development Plan Not required Required – please commence this in early 2021 by setting your learning needs and indicating how you will achieve this.