Returning to
Make an application to Return to Practice
Step 1

The first stage in the Return to Practice Programme is for you to make an application for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC). 

The form you will require can be found here:

APC form download

Step 2

As part of your Application for an APC, you will also need to provide futher documentation and information.

The additional documentation and information is:

Reflective Statement

Reflective Statement Template

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Template

Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan Template

CPD Logbook (If any)

CPD Logbook Template

Step 3

Once received by the Board, your application will be assessed. Possible outcomes of this assessment might include one or more of: 

  1. You are issued an APC, without conditions
  2. You practise under supervision or oversight for a period, usually 3 or 6 months (though the Board reserves the right to alter the period of supervision)
  3. You complete competence examinations at one of the Schools of Physiotherapy in New Zealand, and after successful completion of these exams, you would be issued an APC, with the condition that you practise under supervision for a specified period
  1. You return to education
  2. Your application is declined
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Competence Examination

Return To Education

The application for an APC to be declined

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If you are requried to complete competence examinations this is the process to follow:

The Board will write to the applicant offering the option to complete competence examination.

The applicant will advise the board whether he/she wishes to do so (within a specified period - one month). However, the applicant has the option to make a representation to the Board if he/she does not agree with the outcome - explained in the communication from the Board.

If your decision was to complete the competence examinations (without making representation to the Board), then you should advise the Board of your intentions within one month of having received the Board's correspondence outlining the requirement.

You would have a period of six months from the date you notified the Board of your intention, to successfully complete the competence examinations.

Once you have successfully completed the competence examinations, your application for an APC would be reconsidered by the Board, and you could be granted an APC with the condition that you must practise under supervision for a period of six months. 

You would practise under supervision for a specified period, or include the information that the Board could extend the period of supervision beyond 6 months. For a period of no less than 6 months (as it is not guaranteed that it would just be six months) the period might be extended.

Refer to the "Supervision" section for more information.

If the recommendation after the initial assessment of your application is that you should consider a return to education. 

Contact one of the Schools of Physiotherapy in New Zealand.

These are:

Univeristy of Otago
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

You should seek advice from the particular school about the programmes that are on offer which might allow an individual who wishes to return to practice after a significant period to meet the Physiotherapy Practice Thresholds in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand within the Physiotherapy Standards Framework.

If your application for an APC is declined:

The Board will write to you afer the initial assessment, advising you of the proposal to decline your application at the next scheduled Board meeting

You will have the opportunity to make a representation or attend the meeting to advocate on your own behalf if, after hearing you, the Board maintains its original decision, then your application for an APC wil lbe formally declined.

The Board will write to you to advise you of this. You will then have an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Courts within a specified time period.