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Prescribed Qualifications / Clinical Placement

Prescribed Qualifications / Clinical Placement

Pursuant to section 12 of the HPCA Act, the following qualifications are prescribed for registration as a physiotherapist:


Physiotherapy Scope of Practice


Clinical Placements / Internships / Work Experience

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that overseas physiotherapy students in New Zealand must abide by the laws of New Zealand.

We confirm that overseas physiotherapy students seeking clinical placements/internship/work experience as part of their physiotherapy qualifications are required to arrange this through one of the Schools of Physiotherapy in New Zealand.


If the Schools of Physiotherapy in New Zealand are unable to accommodate your request NO other type of arrangement is permissible.

(Any physiotherapists in New Zealand independently offering work experience and/or supervision would themselves be in breach of the legislation if the arrangement took place.)

If an overseas student is accepted by an NZ School to undertake a clinical placement, that individual for the period of their placement in New Zealand, is considered a student of the NZ School under the direct supervision of the NZ School and their clinical placement is arranged and assessed by the NZ School.

Please note that without registration as physiotherapist in New Zealand it is an offence:

  • to work as a physiotherapist in any capacity in New Zealand (including voluntary work)
  • to call oneself a physiotherapist in New Zealand

Any person who does practise physiotherapy whilst not registered commits an offence and is liable to a fine of up to $10,000.