Registration is a legal process, aimed at protecting the public of New Zealand. The Board will grant registration to applicants who are considered competent and fit for registration.

To practise legally as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, you must be registered and hold a current Annual Practising certificate issued by the Physiotherapy Board.

The registration process varies depending on where you were educated, where you are currently registered to practise and which scope you wish to practise under. Use the following table to display the instructions applying to your circumstances:

You have recently completed the undergraduate programme from either Auckland University of Technology (AUT) or the University of Otago New Zealand qualified physiotherapists General Scope
You are Australian-qualified or registered Australian registered or Australian-qualified physiotherapists General Scope
You don't fit either of the above categories and want to work as a physiotherapist in New Zealand Overseas registered and qualified physiotherapists General Scope
You wish to undertake postgraduate physiotherapy study at a New Zealand school of physiotherapy Postgraduate registration for overseas qualified physiotherapists Special Purpose Scope
Postgraduate Student
You are currently practising physiotherapy elsewhere than in New Zealand and plan to visit New Zealand for the purpose of presenting/educating in physiotherapy. Visiting Presenter Registration Special Purpose Scope
Visiting Presenter/Educator











For your information you can also refer to the Board's Registration Policy

Physiotherapy Board privacy statement for all applications and where personal information is being collected can also be found on our Publications page.