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The Board is still unable to access much of its original IT. However, we have not yet had any indication that there has been a theft of the Board’s data or a breach of practitioners’ privacy. We have notified the Privacy Commissioner, lodged a police complaint, and are working with our insurers.

Since the ransomware attack on our provider on Wednesday 30 November we have been working to identify what data and processes we can retrieve and what we have to rebuild. At this point:

  • We have restored our database up to last September and are working on replacing records lost between then and the ransomware attack.
  • PBNZ is still unavailable and will be for some time.
  • In the meantime we established alternative online registration methods for New Graduates last week (this was a matter of urgency due to the end of term)
  • We have also developed alternative online registration processes for the new international Express registration pathway and will be launching this on schedule tomorrow (13 December, 2022)
  • We still have no access to our main drive, however we have established a new intranet and secure drive system and are rebuilding our records on an ongoing basis

Our next steps are to set up the alternative process for TTMR and General international registration applications, and to establish and test a suitable portal for next year’s APC renewals.

If you are employing, working with or communicating with, new graduate practitioners please let them know that the registration process is up and running and can be accessed at: https://www.physioboard.org.nz/i-want-to-be-registered/new-zealand

We ask that practitioners please be patient with any processes or requests you have as we are still filling in gaps in our data and testing our new processes. If you have a matter with the Board – such as an application – we will let you know if it is being significantly delayed by the current IT problems.

We expect to be back in full running order in the new year.