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HPDT decision – Justin Marc Scott

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal has released its decision regarding the charges brought by a professional conduct committee (PCC) against physiotherapist Justin Marc Scott for sexual misconduct and inadequate/inappropriate communication.

The charges related to two patient complaints; the first involving inappropriate touching and, the second involving inappropriate communication.

The Tribunal found that conduct relating to the inappropriate touching was unethical, immoral and amounted to malpractice likely to bring discredit to the profession. The conduct being sufficiently serious to warrant a disciplinary sanction of:

  • Censure
  • 9-month suspension
  • Conditions on return to practice
  • Contribution to 30% of costs of the PCC and Tribunal, totaling $45,145.95.

The full HPDT decision is available here.

The Board’s Physiotherapy Professional boundaries standard and its Informed consent standard can be read hereand here.