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Leadership Profiles

An ongoing series of profiles of leaders in the profession.


Sandra Kettle - Strength Together

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini – it means strength does not come from the individual but also from others – collaboration can bring the best results”.

It’s a credo that marks out Sandra Kettle’s style as a physiotherapy Kaitiaki (a guardian), with much of her work being focused on building a community of Māori physiotherapists to develop new talent and grow representation in the profession.


Maarama Davis - Māori leader

Our latest profile is our very own Maarama Davis. She’s focused on making sure that the Board and other governing bodies in the profession are looking at what they do from a Māori perspective to encourage better outcomes for Māori physiotherapists and clients.

Watch her interview here...

Tainafi Lefono - Leading by Example

Like many physiotherapists Tainafi Lefono first got interested in the profession through sport. A First generation Samoan-New Zealander and a talented rugby player, he headed to Otago in 2006 to study health sciences.

But while playing rugby in 2007 a tackle went wrong and Tainafi suffered a spinal cord injury that left him a C7 tetraplegic. Over the following two years of intensive rehabilitation his interest in physiotherapy only increased.