Page 5 - Physio Board of New Zealand Annual Report 2015
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he Story

The logo is a symbol of who we are, what
we stand for and what we aspire to be.

In this sense it is more than “branding”.

It is a message, a precious gift that we hold onto when we
need to make decisions, it is what we turn to when we need

guidance and it is a way of expressing ourselves and
what we stand for to others.

The symbolic meaning of the Koru is that it arises
from solid foundations (undergraduate tertiary programmes,
ongoing professional development, growth of new areas e.g.
specialisation and programmes of the Secretariat and Board);
it is a symbol for beginnings and the yet undeveloped

potential for the future.

The koru root symbolises where we have come from
(Maori and Tauiwi culture – part of our foundations).

We start with our solid and strong foundations and then
reach upwards – striving forwards with continual growth,

development and opportunities.

As it unfurls; shaping the generations
(Physiotherapists and Public) to come.

The Fern is an iconic symbol of New Zealand that is recognised
around the world. The fern in the logo wraps and unfolds to
provide the bedding underneath supporting and nurturing
the vision and values of the Board.

These images of the Koru and Fern are powerful
and inspiring for all peoples in New Zealand.

Physiotherapy Board

of New Zealand Te Poari Tiaki Tinana o Aotearoa
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