Undergraduate Summer Scholarship


Terms of Reference 2016

Aim: To support a Physiotherapy student who has successfully completed the third year of study prior to final year to undertake a Physiotherapy Board-approved research project.

The research must be approved by the Physiotherapy Board. It is expected that this research will be disseminated by presentation at a conference or publication subject to prior approval from the Physiotherapy Board. The representative of the Physiotherapy Board and contact person is the Chief Executive or their delegate.  

Eligibility: The student must be enrolled at one of the undergraduate Physiotherapy degree programmes at either the School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago (Otago) or Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in the year the scholarship is awarded, and will continue the physiotherapy degree in the following year. The student must have appropriate supervision support in place.

Research applications must be related to the functions of the Physiotherapy Board as stated in the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003).

Exclusions: This Scholarship cannot be awarded to more than one student at a time. The Scholarship will alternate between Otago and AUT each year. The Scholarship is for students who have (will) successfully completed the third year of the physiotherapy degree course; it is unavailable to postgraduate students (excluding honours students).

Only one Scholarship can be awarded to a student in any one calendar year and the research must be undertaken over the summer that immediately succeeds the third year of the Physiotherapy undergraduate degree. The study must be completed by the commencement of the fourth year of the physiotherapy degree course.

Value: Maximum allocation of $5,000 plus GST. This scholarship is funded by the Physiotherapy Board and payment will be made on receipt of invoice from the University and on evidence that the aim of the Scholarship has been achieved to the satisfaction of the Physiotherapy Board.

Promotion: Application forms and information will be circulated through the communication channels within the Schools of Physiotherapy at the respective Universities, and on the Physiotherapy Board website. The responsibility for promotion lies with the relevant University’s Physiotherapy administrators.

Criteria for Selection

  • Successful completion of the third year of the physiotherapy undergraduate degree at a New Zealand university
  • Exhibit high motivation and the ability to succeed
  • Demonstrate an interest in research
  • An appropriate supervisor from the relevant Physiotherapy School is in place to supervise the research
  • If ethics approval is required this is the responsibility of the prospective supervisor to ensure it is completed and approval is granted prior to commencement of the project.

Panel Selection: The panel will consist of members of the Physiotherapy school appointed by the relevant School of Physiotherapy at their discretion and one member of the Physiotherapy Board Secretariat at their discretion.

Selection Process: Selection will be made at a time that allows the scholarship to be awarded late in the third term of the academic year.  

Should there be no scholarship granted in any one year it will remain unawarded in that year; a new scholarship will be available to the alternate university the following year. No ‘roll over’ or transfer of the scholarship funds is allowable.

Panel Decision: Decisions of the Panel are not open to appeal or question. The Panel need not give reasons for any of their decisions. Their decision is final.

Timing: Applications must be received on an official university application form to the Dean of the Physiotherapy School by a date determined by the university. Late applications will not be considered.

Validation: The intended recipient of the Scholarship must accept the award through completing and submitting the Acceptance and Agreement Contract to the relevant University Scholarship Coordinator (appointed by the School): this includes the recipient’s acceptance of the Scholarship, including the agreement to perform any obligations provided in the Scholarship’s Terms of Reference. If acceptance is not received within 14 days of being formally advised that they have been awarded the Scholarship, the award will become void.  

Payment: The Scholarship will be paid on invoice to the university in two payments of $2,500. The first payment of $2,500 will be made on awarding of the scholarship and the second payment of $2,500 on receipt of the report of the research findings, and when the report is deemed satisfactory by the Physiotherapy Board.

The scholarship is administered by the relevant School of Physiotherapy.

Privacy: The award of the Scholarship may be acknowledged on the Physiotherapy Board website and any University communications channels and advertising. Potential applicants must be formally informed of this by the relevant School of Physiotherapy.