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Physiotherapy Standards


The Physiotherapy Standards describe in detail the expected minimum clinical and cultural
standards for specific issues identified as relevant to physiotherapy. These standards have
been developed through discussion with the public and profession. In conjunction with the
Code and the thresholds describe what the public and the profession expect of a competent

A breach of the Standards is a breach of the law.

The Standards

  1. Adverse event reporting standard
  2. Advertising standard
  3. Cervical manipulation standard
  4. Cultural competence standard
  5. Informed consent standard
  6. Internet and electronic communication standard
  7. Involvement of an additional person during a consultation standard
  8. Non-treating physiotherapists performing assessments of patients for third parties standard
  9. Physiotherapists administering prescription medicines standard
  10. Physiotherapy health records standard
  11. Sexual and emotional boundaries standard
  12. Sports physiotherapist practice standard
  13. Telehealth standard
  14. The use of physiotherapy titles standard
  15. Treatment of whānau, family members and others close to you standard