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He kawa whakaruruhau ā matatau Māori – Guidance


This page explains how physiotherapists may demonstrate their cultural safety and competence to interact effectively and respectfully with health consumers who identify as Māori (ngā kiritaki hauora Māori) and identifies some resources. A PDF version of this tool is available here.

The key competencies and enabling competencies can be viewed and demonstrated in one reflective or conversation depending on the context of the engagement with ngā kiritaki hauora.

Ways of developing key competencies

Be open to ask ngā kiritaki hauora Māori, in terms of reciprocity with generosity that focuses to maintain strength relationships.

Ensure appropriate acknowledgement and having the awareness to avoid exploitation of overusing resources.

Connect with local Iwi leaders and/or DHB Kaumatua and Kuia to create ongoing and sustainable engagement, establish links with Māori health providers.