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The Year That Was – A Snapshot of 2020/2021

The past year has seen the unfortunate continuation of COVID.  Whilst there was some let up – along came the emergence of Omicron that sent us into a whole new phase.  Health Orders came thick and fast, we read these, interpreted them and did our best to communicate them.

Needless to say – the impact was, and continues to be, difficult for many.

Below is a snapshot of some key activity of the last year that may be of interest. More details will come out with our Annual Report.

  • Applications for Registrations from internationally qualified physiotherapists: Last year we received 187 applications in total– this was down by 32% from the prior year. From 1 April last year to 30 March this year we have received 282 applications.

This growth is well in excess of our predictions and has resulted in some delays unfortunately.  

  • Year to date complaints and notifications (1 April 2021 – 30 March 2022): This year we have seen a significant reduction in complaints and notifications to the Board.

In 2020 – 2021 we received complaints and notifications relating to 66 physiotherapists.

For the 2021-2022 year we have received 36 as at 30 March.  Thirteen of these were from a patient or health consumer with 7 from another health practitioner.   The main areas the complaints relate to were competence (13) and Conduct (23).

Of these 24 have been closed, 5 are awaiting HDC decision, 1 has been referred to a Professional Conduct Committee and 6 are in process.

  • Accreditation: This year the Board received an application from the University of Auckland for a physiotherapy programme. This was assessed by the Australian Physiotherapy Council and consulted on.  The result was the educational institution and qualification were accredited.


  • New and Reviewed Standards: We launched He kawa whakaruruhau ā matatau Māori: Māori cultural safety and competence standard and is now come into effect. We thank all those who contributed to this significant standard.

The Serious Events was also developed and came into effect along with the review of the Use of Titles Standard, Advertising Standard and Practising in a Defined Field (previously a Position Statement).

  • New recert programme: The revised recertification programme and audit come into effect this year as was on-line for the first time.


  • New, Revised and Revoked Scopes: The new scope of practice – Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) was completed and came into effect 1 March as did the revised scope of practises for the general and specialist.


The Special Purpose Visiting Presenter and Post Graduate scopes were revoked.

  • Communications: Communications activity with the profession hit an all-time high with a continued release on COVID information. The Board Facebook group has reached 2380 members.