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Dusty Quinn – new physiotherapy specialist

The Physiotherapy Board is pleased to announce the registration of Dusty Quinn as a physiotherapy specialist.
Since graduating from the UUJ in 1998 Dusty has continued to study and develop his clinical skills and share his knowledge with his colleagues. Dusty believes that the positive support and encouragement that he received from his peer and mentors has allowed him to support others in the profession.

Dusty started his Physiotherapy career in 1988 at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, England where he spent 2 years working in the different departments and six months as the acting Neurology Senior. In 1991 Dusty moved to New Zealand and first worked at Whangarei’s Northland Base Hospital in the orthopaedics and out-patients departments. Then it was off to Dunedin in 1993 to start work at Back in Motion and study for his post-grad qualifications. The PANNZ certificate in acupuncture was completed in 2000. Dusty has been a Director at Back In Motion since 1998.
When completing his Master’s degree Dusty was involved in teaching at both the undergraduate and post-graduate Manipulative Physiotherapy programmes at the University of Otago. Dusty has also assisted with the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Post-Graduate courses.
Dusty’s Sports Physiotherapy commitments have included the  University of Otago Rugby Club, the New Zealand Universities Rugby Club, the  Otago NPC Rugby and Highlanders squads and Southern United football. In recent years he has been assisting the Otago Youth Development Trust Football Squad as senior physiotherapist and Trust secretary. Every year the Trust brings a group of under-17 footballers to an international competition based in Northern Ireland.
Dusty was Otago branch secretary before joining the NZ Society of Physiotherapy (NZSP) national executive. From 2003-2004 Dusty was Vice-President of the NZSP and he was President of the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Association 2010–14. Currently Dusty assists the Physiotherapy Board on professional matters and he was part of the ACC Pain contract reference group in 2016.
Dusty stated that getting through his undergraduate training required much work that included a visit to the Dean’s office in the first semester! But it was during his 5 years working in the public sector that he described himself as being a “sponge” in wanting to learn everything he could. Completing his Master’s degree was a major highlight for him and it was during these studies that he started to explore the value of Orthopaedics Manual Therapy (OMT) in Physiotherapy. He is not afraid to challenge opinions. During a tutorial Dusty’s infamous “so what??” question originated when he was attempting to relate functional anatomy to clinical manual therapy.
Dusty stated that he has been fortunate to have worked alongside some great physiotherapists and to have taught alongside some of the best in the world. Ultimately, working for the people of New Zealand offering professionalism, integrity, orthopaedic manual therapy skills and representing his profession are his drivers for being the best that he can.
Dusty has a great belief in the role of Physiotherapy in the primary sector and he states that one of many challenges will be to improve access for New Zealanders to all the world class physiotherapy services.