New Physiotherapy Specialist!

Margie Olds

The Physiotherapy Board is pleased to announce the registration of Margie Olds as a Physiotherapy Specialist, working in the area of shoulder diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Margie is the seventh Physiotherapy Specialist to be granted registration since the 'specialist scope' was gazetted in November 2012. She qualified in New Zealand as a physiotherapist in 1995 and since then has worked as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, The USA and the United Kingdom. While in the United Kingdom she was the lead therapist for British canoeing and the physiotherapist at Athens Olympic Games. In 2006, she returned to New Zealand, and started Flawless Motion, a company that provides a range of shoulder braces to prevent recurrent shoulder instability. Along with her colleagues, she has founded PhysioScholar to provide online education to NZ physiotherapists. She continues to practice clinically at the Auckland Shoulder Clinic in central Auckland, where she treats a range of shoulder conditions.  Margie is also a clinical educator at Auckland University of Technology, where she is undertaking her PhD investigating the risk factors for recurrent shoulder instability following a first time dislocation.

Margie is an active member of the NZSES Allied Health Shoulder Therapists, Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapists Australasia and the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists.