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Australian Qualified Physiotherapists


Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (TTMR)

If you currently hold full registration and are entitled to practise physiotherapy in any Australian state or territory you are entitled to seek registration in New Zealand under TTMR Act.

The application process is now available online. 

Prior to applying, please ensure that you have read the Board’s Guidance notes.

You can apply for registration online here. You must provide:

Application Details:

  • This includes personal details, fitness to practise questions and a statutory declaration. While the application process is an online process, you will need to upload a statutory declaration (on the Board’s template) which you must sign with an official entitled to take a Statutory Declaration under the New Zealand Oaths and Declarations Act 1957. You may complete this before you begin your online application.


Proof of identity:

  • This can be either a certified copy of the personal pages of your current passport, or a certified copy of your birth certificate, and can be uploaded online.

Evidence of change of name (where applicable):

  • You must provide a certified copy of evidence of your name change, which can be uploaded online.

Fitness for Registration information (where applicable):

  • You are required to answer questions related to your fitness for registration, and you may need to provide further information, depending on your answers to the questions. Please see pages 2-4 below, for further information regarding Fitness for Registration.