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Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP)

The Scope of Practice – Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) has been developed by the Board to recognise physiotherapists who are practising at an advanced level. The purpose of the APP scope is to aid both the public and referrers to identify those physiotherapists who have demonstrated advanced skills and competencies in a chosen area which may be more suitable for their complex needs.

To gain APP registration, applicants must meet all legal requirements, including demonstrating that they have the prescribed qualifications, meet the APP competencies and that they are fit for registration. They must demonstrate advanced clinical skills, competencies and knowledge and contribute to the profession through mentoring and developing leadership skills.

The APP Information Sheet has an overview of the Scope of Practice, the prescribed qualifications required, competences, fees and the application process and assessment process.

Detailed information on how to apply can be found in the Application Guidance Document.

Next Steps

If you are considering applying for the APP Scope of Practice:

  1. Read and understand the APP Information Sheet and Application Guidance Notes to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements including the prescribed qualifications and necessary competencies.
  2. Prepare your application using the Application Guidance Notes.
  3. Contact the Board approximately four weeks prior to submitting an application for the links to the peer and patient multisource feedback questionnaire.
  4. Click here to start the Application Form

Current Processing times- (March 2022)

Once a complete application has been submitted it may take eight to ten weeks for processing and assessment. Please note these timeframes are subject to change.



APP Information Sheet

APP Application Guidance Notes

APP Competencies


Application templates


Case Studies

Research into Practice

APP Competency Assessment Template

Qualifications and Experience Narrative Template

Curriculum Vitae Template


For further information about the process of registering for the APP scope of Practice, please contact us on (04) 471 2610 or at scopes@physioboard.org.nz