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Certificate Of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is the usual certificate issued to New Zealand physiotherapists for the purpose of seeking recognition/registration overseas, (for overseas physiotherapists seeking to gain registration in New Zealand, this Board requires certificates of good standing issued by their overseas regulatory authorities).
The document issued by the Board includes date of birth for identification purposes and confirms: type of registration held, date of registration, registration number, current practising status, i.e. whether or not a current APC is held or the practitioner has elected to have their name on the register as non-practising, and if there is an absence of disciplinary issues.

Certificate of Good Standing fee: NZ$69.00

To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, complete the request form.

Certificate of Registration

The Certificate of Registration is usually used for display purposes only. It confirms that you are registered with the Board and includes your registration number, but does not include detail regarding your current practising status or whether there are any disciplinary actions pending or proceeding against your name.

Certificate of Registration fee: NZ$69.00

To obtain a Certificate of Registration, complete the request form.